• ABC's Mind Games

    ABC’s ‘Mind Games’ Cancelled

  • abc-mind-games-jaime-ray-newman-cauliflower-man

    Next on ‘Mind Games’ : Cauliflower Man

  • abc-mind-games-apophenia-jaime-ray-newman-christian-slater

    Next on ‘Mind Games’ : Apophenia

  • abc-mind-games-103-jaime-ray-newman

    Next on ‘Mind Games’ : Pet Rock

  • abc-mind-games-102

    Next on ‘Mind Games’ : Asymmetric Dominance


Jaime Ray Newman was born in Farmington Hills, Oakland County, Michigan. She started performing at age 11 in the debut of Israel Horovitz’s play, “A Rosen by Any Other Name”. She worked consistently around Detroit, acting in many of the regional theaters. At 16, while attending the Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills (also the alma mater of actress Selma Blair), Newman founded Apollo Theatre Productions. She rented out a theater, hired a well-known local director, professional actors and an […]

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The Red Robin directed by Michael Z. Wechsler.
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The Gauntlet directed by Matt Eskandari.
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Tarzan 3D directed by Reinhard Klooss.
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